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About Association:

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of Producers and Importers
of Crop and Livestock Products
About Association

About Association

It is already obvious that the task of effective implementation of measures to secure the supply of crop products to Russia and the reduction of violations of international and Russian phytosanitary requirements requires the creation of an integrated system of constructive interaction between business and government.

Regarding this, noncommercial organizations serve as a bridge between the structures of the government and business community; provide constructive dialogue and the expression of common opinion on current issues of the companies, representatives of this segment of the market.

These voluntary associations, noncommercial organizations, associations and unions of entrepreneurs are capable of rapid exchange of relevant information and responding quickly to changes in the legislation and the market.

Such organizations are able to optimize the delivery of products of vegetable origin without violating the international and federal regulations.

Goals and Activity

The Association “Alyans-Agro” was founded to represent the interests of domestic and foreign producers and importers in order to create and implement the policy of public and private measures combination to protect members of the Association. This includes providing participants and partners of the Association with all kinds of methodical, consulting, legal assistance and representation, as in state authorities so in other institutions and organizations.

Events held with the participation of the Association of producers and importers of crop and livestock products Alyans-Agro.

Association Alyans-Agro was founded to represent the interests of domestic and foreign producers and importers to form and implement the policy of combination of public and private measures of protecting members of the Association.


by General Meeting of the Association "Alyans-Agro"
Minutes № 2 of "21" December 2009.


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