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Goals and Activity of the Association

Goals and Activity of the Association

“Alyans-Agro”- a noncommercial organization registered by the Ministry of Justice in 2009

The Association “Alyans-Agro” was founded to represent the interests of domestic and foreign producers and importers in order to create and implement the policy of public and private measures combination to protect members of the Association.

This includes providing participants and partners of the Association with all kinds of methodical, consulting, legal assistance and representation, as in state authorities so in other institutions and organizations.

Its activities are aimed at:


•  coordination of entrepreneurial activity, development and implementation of the mechanism of self-regulation in producing and supplying products of vegetable and animal origin to Russia as by members of the Association, so by market participants in agricultural production;

•  assistance to  government agencies of the Russian Federation in socio-hygienic monitoring on the presence of quarantine objects, residual content of existing pesticides, the presence of nitrates and nitrites in crop products supplied to Russia as food;

• increasing the responsibility of the direct producers of crop and livestock products for the quality of delivered goods in Russia, holding a more complete studying of the products supplied on their compliance with the rules of the Russian legislation.

The types of activities of the Association are:

• Education and advanced training of the staff of the Association, members of the Association, and  and employees of enterprises, institutions, business companies and public organizations, including the topic of plant quarantine;

• Publishing and expert activities;

• Organizing and executing the monitoring on the product safety by the Association, the Association’s members, including attracting qualified professionals in the field of plant quarantine, veterinary medicine, programming, analysts, ecology, etc.

• Assistance, including the charity during the various  researches on improving the quality and safety of crop and  livestock products, including the creation of, participation in the creation and activity of scientific research centers, institutes and other organizations and institutions;

• Participation in the establishment and operation of public organizations and commercial enterprises, which activities are aimed at ensuring food security in the Russian Federation, providing them with organizational, consulting and charitable assistance;

• Consulting activities;

• Charitable activities.

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