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About Association:

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of Producers and Importers
of Crop and Livestock Products


2.1. The aim of the Association foundation is entrepreneurial activity coordination of associated members, presenting and protecting common property interests, connected with crop and life stock production export and import, their conformity to international and national phytosanitary standards, veterinary requirements, taking into consideration the priority of quality and safety improvement of the products for the Russian Federation.


2.2. The object of the Association is:

- To assist members of the Association, to organizations, working in the field of production and sales of vegetable and animal origin production, assisting in the geographical expansion of exports and imports of these products;

- Adoption by the associated members agreed decisions aimed at ensuring food security in Russia and efficient mechanism of delivering to Russia products of vegetarian and animal origin in accordance with international, national phyto-sanitary and veterinary requirements, health and hygiene standards;

- Promote the harmonization and implementation of phytosanitary, veterinary, sanitary and hygiene standards within the common customs area;
Implementation of the coordination of business of the Association relating to the export and import of products of vegetarian and animal origin, as well as activities in the field of logistics;

- Development and strengthening civilized market relations, improving communication on the phytosanitary, veterinary and sanitary safety of products intended delivering to the Russian Federation;

- Ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of its members in manufacturing, sales and distribution services;

- Formation of the overall business point of view on economic policy in the sphere of export and import of products of plant and animal origin;

- Establish and develop business relationships with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, distributors, products of plant and animal origin, to promote long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with them;

- Organization and monitoring of phytosanitary, veterinary and sanitary safety of products of plant and animal origin by the Association’s members;

-Representation of the Association’s members within the territory of the Russian Federation and out of its territory;

- Providing information, advice, research information and other services to members of the Association;

- Organization, carrying out and  participation in exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars, other non-commercial activities, both in Russia and abroad by members of  the Association;

- Rendering various types of services to members of the Association on legal, economic, technological questions, problems of taxation and state regulation of production and circulation of crop and livestock products.


2.3 The Types of activities of the Association are:

- Education and advanced training of the staff of the Association, members of the Association, and  and employees of enterprises, institutions, business companies and public organizations, including the topic of plant quarantine;

- Publishing and expert activities;

- Organizing and executing the monitoring on the product safety by the Association, the Association’s members, including attracting qualified professionals in the field of plant quarantine, veterinary medicine, programming, analysts, ecology, etc.

- Assistance, including the charity during the various  researches on improving the quality and safety of crop and  livestock products, including the creation of, participation in the creation and activity of scientific research centers, institutes and other organizations and institutions;

- Participation in the establishment and operation of public organizations and commercial enterprises, which activities are aimed at ensuring food security in the Russian Federation, providing them with organizational, consulting and charitable assistance;

- Consulting activity;

- Charitable activity.


2.4. The Association was founded and operates on the basis of the following principles:

- Voluntary entrance and withdraw from the membership of the Association;

- Independence of the members of the Association;

- Compliance with the Constitution of Russia, the Russian legislation, governing the activities of noncommercial organizations, and other Russian and international laws and treaties;

- Prevention interference in the professional activities of the Association and its members from the side of government and administrative bodies, public organizations, movements, political parties and individual officers if this interference is beyond stipulated by RF legislation forms ;

- Transparency and openness of the Association activity;

- Autonomy of the Association, including issues of autonomy in its personnel, conditions and procedure for the admission, exclusion from membership of the Association and the application of disciplinary measures to members of the Association;

- Accountability of all elected officials to the General Meeting of the Association;

- Bound decisions of the governing bodies of the Association within the frame of authorities and functions expressly delegated to them by its members;

- A broad and comprehensive international cooperation, including participation of the Association in various international organizations, admitting to the Association various international organizations, verious foreign commercial and public organizations, whose work is within the interests of the Association.

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