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of Producers and Importers
of Crop and Livestock Products
About Association » Charter » 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS


1.1. The Association of producers and importers of crop and livestock products "Alyans-Agro" (hereinafter the Association) is a voluntary association of legal persons, established in order to coordinate their entrepreneurial activity, as well as represent and protect common property interests in the market of crop and livestock production.

1.2. The Association is a noncommercial organization created and operated by a decision of the founders in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law on “Nonprofit organizations” and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.

1.3. Full name of the Association - Association of producers and importers of crop and livestock products "Alyans-Agro", abbreviated name of the Association in the Russian language - the Association "Alyans-Agro".

1.4. The association is a legal entity, has separate property, an independent balance, settlement and other accounts in financial institutions, including foreign currency, a seal with the full name in Russian, stamps and forms, and duly registered logo. Association members retain their independence and rights of a legal entity.

1.5. Association is not responsible for the obligations of its members. Real members of the Association shall bear subsidiary liability for its obligations, proportionately to their introductory membership fee. 

1.6.to fulfill its entrepreneurial activity the Association can create business companies or participate in such societies, both within Russia and abroad. The Association may establish branches and open representative offices in Russia in accordance with the RF legislation, as well as in the manner prescribed by law to open their representative offices and branches abroad. Branches and representative offices which are not legal entities, act on the basis of the provisions approved by the Association for them.

1.7. Location of the Association:107078, Moscow, Maliy Kozlovskiy pereulok, 6 Building 1. At this address is the sole executive body of the Association (General Director).

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