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of Producers and Importers
of Crop and Livestock Products
Introductory speech of the President

Introductory speech of the President

Dear colleagues, participants and partners of the Association “Alyans-Agro”

Dear gests of our site!

The Association “Alyans-Agro” is a voluntary non commercial union, representing the interests of the producers and importers of crop and livestock products. The Association is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in March 2009.The objective of the association is forming and implementation the policy of governmental and non governmental measures of its member’s protection.

Association “Alyans-Agro” renders to its participants all the types of methodical, consulting, legal and representation assistance in government bodies and other institutions and organizations.

Among the priorities of our Association - quality and safety improvement of food products of vegetarian and animal origin to be delivered to The Russian Federation, its compliance with international, national phytosanitary and veterinary requirements.

 The Association "Alliance-Agro" - a real community of commercial and public organizations united by a sphere of their professional activity.

 Our efforts are aimed at:

•  coordination of entrepreneurial activity, development and implementation of the mechanism of self-regulation in producing and supplying products of vegetarian and animal origin to Russia as by members of the Association, so by market participants in agricultural production;

•  assistance to  government agencies of the Russian Federation in socio-hygienic monitoring on the presence of quarantine objects, residual content of existing pesticides, the presence of nitrates and nitrites in crop products supplied to Russia as food;

• increasing the responsibility of the direct producers of crop and livestock products for the quality of delivered goods in Russia, holding a more complete studying of the products supplied on their compliance with the rules of the Russian legislation.

• centralization of analytical, advisory and expert work.

We strive for ensuring a constructive dialogue between the structures of government and business community on current questions of food security and an effective mechanism of foodstuff delivery to the Russian Federation.

You have a great opportunity to join the association or to become our partners.


Together we will make more!


yours respectfully,


President of the Association “Alyans-Agro”                                                                                         S.N.Trofimuk




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