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About Association:

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of Producers and Importers
of Crop and Livestock Products
The basic activity of the Association

The basic activity of the Association

    1. Establishment of business relations between members of the Association, creating a favorable business image;
    2. Establishing and maintaining high standards of entrepreneurial activity, the formation of a healthy competitive environment, popularization the conventions of business turnover;
    3. Participation in development and implementation of international, federal, regional and industrial programs of entrepreneurship development and support in the agricultural sector, creating conditions for sustainable functioning of agricultural industry;
    4. Members’ rights and interests presentation  and protection in legislative and executive authorities of Russia, providing information, consultation, methodological, legal assistance, as well as providing information on projects, regulations and advice on their usage;
    5. Participation in the development and implementation of effective mechanisms of state regulation of crop and livestock production supplying to Russia in accordance with international and national phytosanitary requirements,improvemet of product quality and safety;
    6. Organization and information support of exhibitions, trade fairs on the territory of The Russian Federation, representing the interests of the Association members as at Russian so at foreign exhibitions;
    7. Involvement of its members in participation in international cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and its structural divisions;
    8. Organization of interaction and mutual support between business associations, regional and international industry bodies;
    9. Assistance in scientific-practical conference, seminar, round table holding.

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