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Press office » News and Events » Rosselkhoznadzor Held Teleconference with Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

Rosselkhoznadzor Held Teleconference with Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

Source: Rosselkhoznadzor

On the eve of the 14th meeting of the Russian-Japanese Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Investment to be held in Tokyo on December 18, 2018 the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Bureau of Food Safety and Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan held a teleconference devoted to the issues of ensuring veterinary safety in the mutual supply of livestock products to the markets of the two countries on December 14, 2018.

Deputy Head of the Service Konstantin Savenkov took part in the negotiations from the Russian side, and Chief Veterinary Officer Norio Kumagai - from the Japanese side.

The parties agreed to study mutual proposals for the draft roadmap regarding access of Russian poultry meat, beef and pork to the Japanese market, as well as beef and poultry products from Japan to Russia and focus on the most sensitive issues for the both parties.

Konstantin Savenkov drew the attention of the Japanese side to the unreasonable, from the point of view of the Rosselkhoznadzor, delay in recognizing the regionalization of Russia with regard to dangerous animal diseases, particularly avian influenza, which generally makes it difficult to make a decision on the supply of Russian poultry meat to Japan. The delay in the opening of the Japanese market for supplies and other Russian livestock products was also noted.

The Rosselkhoznadzor suggested that the Japanese side decide on the timing of the inspection in a number of Russian regions in order to get an insight into the features of regionalization and the state veterinary control system in the country.

For its part the Russian side stressed that the Rosselkhoznadzor always strictly follows the international obligations and complies with the objective results of scientific analysis, which led from December,1 to lifting the mandatory requirement to provide laboratory research results for the presence of radionuclides in the supply of fish products and seafood from Fukushima Prefecture. Thus, the last restriction on the supply of fish products from the provinces affected by the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 was lifted.

Taking into account the long-term collaboration and the high level of cooperation achieved by the surveillance services of Russia and Japan, the parties expressed the hope that during the working meeting on the margins of the IPC they would be able to bring closer their positions on animal production issues.

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